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The most advanced technology of the sector for a real Green transition


Science and analytical models show unequivocally that the climate change is ongoing and further changes are at this point inevitable. The average temperature of planet is increasing approx. 1,1°C from 1880, with marked climax in some areas (for examples +5°C at North Pole during last century), speeding up some important transformation in the ecosystem and making some extrem events more frequent and more severe. The global and European aims for 2030 (European Green Deal) focus on a progressive and complete decarbonization of the system (“Net-Zero at 2050”). The green hydrogen occupies a unique position for contributing to environmental targets, especially in “hard-to-abate” industrial sectors, such as ceramic one, in which often lacks scalable electrification options. Italforni strongly believe in the use of green hydrogen produced on site and, thanks to an intense activity of research begun in 2019, now is the first in the world that can offer a safe and efficient solution: HECO2.

Main features

  • Applied to existing kilns
  • Hydrogen made on site
  • From 40 up to 200 m3/h of H2
  • No accumulation
  • Use of O2 produced
  • Reduction of kiln volumes and NOx
  • From 15% up to 100% fewer CO2 (according to kiln and product)