Sustainable innovation



Science and analytical models show unequivocally that the climate change is ongoing and further changes are at this point inevitable. The average temperature of planet is increasing approx. 1,1°C from 1880, with marked climax in some areas (for examples +5°C at North Pole during last century), speeding up some important transformations in the ecosystem and making some extrem events more frequent and more severe. The global and European aims for 2030 (European Green Deal) focus on a progressive and complete decarbonization of the system (“Net-Zero at 2050”). The green hydrogen occupies a unique position for contributing to environmental targets, especially in “hard-to-abate” industrial sectors, such as ceramic one, in which often lacks scalable electrification options. Italforni strongly believes in the use of green hydrogen produced on site and, thanks to an intense activity of research begun in 2019, now is the first in the world that can offer a safe and efficient solution: HECO2.


Italforni is always at the forefront in designing and perfecting systems for a smart use of energy. Today are available different solutions that allow to optimise energy consumptions of kilns and to recovery energy where possible.

D.R.H.A & I.R.H.A. – Heat recovery from cooling zone of kiln allows to recover big volumes of high-temperature air (even over 300°C) without perturbing the inner space of kiln, so without damaging the material.

Electronic combustion – the new combustion system is entirely managed electronically, and it allows a global energy saving up to 20%. The maximum performance is obtained when this system is put together with the heat recovery through D.R.H.A. & I.R.H.A.

AR valves – pneumatic control of air. It is an easy and economical solution that allows an energy saving up to 15%. It has been studied to work with air up to 200°C and allows a wide range regulation in the air/gas ratio, in order to adjust the burners according to the kiln zone they are.