Assistance and Maintenance

Italforni supplies services of assistance, even remote, and maintenance of kilns, both highly specialized, working with discretion and concreteness. Following an inspection of our skilled technicians, a detailed report will be issued showing the importance of the needed maintenances. Moreover, we offer a service of assembly, start-up and test of plants. 

Spare parts

Italforni supplies and suggests the best spare parts for kilns and dryers, not only for their machines, but also for other suppliers' machines.

Training and Consultation

Thanks to its experience, gained in more than 70 years, in thermal treatment of innumerable products, Italforni puts its know-how at customer's disposal. In addition, the company offers a complete training service, focusing on the specific technologies the customer has bought. Italforni follows the customer during all the phases: before, during and after the plant purchase.   

Digital Services

Italforni offers digital products and services, that help you to make your plant "smart". It is possible to connect your machines to internet and monitor, control and analyse all the data gathered. Through the data analysis, it is possible to plan correctives actions with the aim to improve productive performances. Our plants, in addition, can be equipped with a Predictive Maintenance system, thanks to which it is possible to keep the thermal plant always at the best conditions.   


Our skilled technicians can design great and important changes, not only on Italforni's machines, but also on machines of other brands. Amongst the most important changes, Italforni can realise lengthening, replacement of combustion system, replacement and modernization of electric system, and any other kind of transformation aimed to making the machine more flexible, performing and comfortable.